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Transforming Landscapes, Fostering Relationships

Meet The Owners And The Team

In 2016, Bulletproof Pond and Lake was founded by Ryan Cowart and Lexi Carmichael, driven by their shared passion for the outdoors. Starting as a landscaping venture in high school, their journey evolved into a focused commitment to pond and lake construction. They embraced challenges, refining their skills and establishing a solid foundation. Specializing in pond and lake construction, Bulletproof recognized the need for innovation in an industry resistant to change. They prioritized transparency, modern tools, and integrity, reshaping the narrative of construction. Devoted to education and community, they listened to their customers and expanded their services to become trusted partners in aquatic care. Too often, the construction industry has been characterized by resistance to change, clinging to outdated practices and shunning collaboration. They saw this firsthand, especially in the realm of pond and lake services. It became clear that transparency, openness to new technology, and a commitment to integrity were sorely lacking. Bulletproof embraced a different approach—one that’s unafraid to showcase their work, leverage modern tools and techniques, and, above all, uphold their promises. It’s about being genuine in our interactions with clients and our peers in the industry. Ryan and Lexi have wholeheartedly devoted themselves to the world of ponds, lakes, and waterways, channeling their expertise, expanding their knowledge and experiences, openly sharing invaluable knowledge, and delivering services that not only produce an incredible outcome but also create an experience that people love. This includes the entire Bulletproof team. Bulletproof aims to be more than just a contractor but a trusted partner in the care and maintenance of ponds, lakes, and waterways. Their journey is marked by dedication to growth, genuine connection, and making a positive impact. Together, they look forward to continuing their journey, forging relationships, and navigating the future.

Core Values Of Bulletproof Pond And Lake

At Bulletproof Pond and Lake, our foundation is built on core values that guide every aspect of our business.

We are dedicated to innovation and excellence,

constantly seeking to elevate the standard for luxurious pond and lake construction. Our passion for education, learning, and creativity drives us to embrace modern techniques and technologies, ensuring that our services never remain stagnant but grow alongside advancements in our field.

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do;

we believe in showing everything publicly and maintaining an open-book approach with our employees, customers, and competitors. This openness fosters trust and reliability, establishing us as a highly reviewed and respected leader in our industry.

Our commitment to education and straightforward information

Empowers our clients, ensuring they are well-informed about every facet of our services—from pricing and process to honest answers to their questions

By nurturing these values, we aim to create stunning landscapes and aquatic environments and inspire trust and confidence in every interaction.

Our Mission: Transforming Visions Into Vibrant Waterscapes And Landscapes

At Bulletproof Pond and Lake, we aim to transform your vision into vibrant waterscapes and dynamic landscapes that exceed your expectations. With a steadfast commitment to transparency, innovation, and excellence, we aim to elevate the industry standard by crafting luxurious ponds, lakes, and expertly designed landscapes. 

Our work reflects our passion for creativity, modern techniques, and environmental beauty. Through education and straightforward communication, we ensure a seamless journey from concept to completion, creating dream waterscapes and landscapes that perfectly bridge the gap between your imagination and reality.

Unlock Your Project's Potential: A Promise Of Excellence

Elevating The Standard For Excavation Companies

5-Star Rated

Showcased by over 60 reviews, our clients rave about the exceptional quality of our projects, from driveways to luxurious water features. Bulletproof Pond and Lake is celebrated for delivering outstanding outcomes and exceeding expectations with every task undertaken.

Education Focused

We educate pond owners through clear documentation and instructional social media videos, providing practical tips for pond care and enjoyment. Our resources empower owners to maintain their ponds effectively while maximizing their enjoyment of these aquatic features.

A Modern Approach

Bulletproof embraces modern techniques by integrating LiDAR surveys, GPS technology, and AutoCAD planning into our processes. These advancements enhance precision and efficiency in project planning and execution, ensuring superior outcomes for our clients.

Expansion Across The Country

We are expanding beyond Kansas and now serve clients in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our growth allows us to reach more customers and offer our expertise in pond and lake construction across multiple states.

A Glimpse Into Our Process

Discover the essence of our bulletproof process, a roadmap designed to transform your landscape dreams into reality. We prioritize education, transparency, and innovation, guiding you through each step with clarity and commitment.

Eager to learn more? Dive into our comprehensive process and see how we bring your dream pond, lake, or landscape to life with precision and passion.

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