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Selecting the Correct Location For Your Acreage Pond / Lake in 2023

Published: January 20, 2023. | Bulletproof Landworks LLC ©

Choosing the right spot for your pond or lake is a critical first step that could be the most significant factor in the outcome of your project… We bring you a few major topics to consider when planning and choosing the perfect location for your pond or lake.

By considering these topics, you may avoid many common mistakes before the construction process begins, while intentionally investing in a more successful result, especially in the long term.

4 Things to Consider When Planning for Your Pond / Lake

Considerations to keep in mind for your soon-to-be pond or lake include; Purpose, Size & Travel, Ecological Functions & Environmental Impact, and Ensuring Safety in the Event of a Dam Failure.


What’s the Purpose of Your Pond / Lake?

What are the values of this pond/lake? Knowing exactly what you want and why you want it will impact the location, and the overall outcome and useability. Here are a few popular types:

  • Farm or Agricultural
  • Wildlife and Fishing
  • Irrigation
  • Recreational

There are numerous versions of various types of ponds and lakes. Some may be built for multiple uses, while some are strictly for one use only. Understanding the values of the pond will better help suggest the best location suitable for your pond or lake.


Size & Travel

Depending on the purpose of your pond/lake, what size do you desire or need? How far are you (or perhaps, your animals) willing to travel to your pond or lake? Do the size + travel concurrently align with your priorities and values? Understanding that together the purpose + scope of your pond or lake + the distance needed to travel to your pond or lake will influence where you choose the appropriate spot.


Environmental Impact

Confirm you are responsibly choosing the appropriate location to build your pond and lake by considering how it will affect its surroundings and natural environment.

Generally speaking, it is common knowledge that any manmade structure will always initially have impacts on its surroundings.

Ponds and Lakes can be a positive addition to the environment when planned and built correctly. Avoiding as many negative impacts as possible is ideal for a successful pond or lake.

Important Environmental Impacts topics to consider:

  • Current wildlife impact
  • Impacts of nearby bodies of water
  • Pollution Risks

By understanding the purpose, scope (size), and travel of your pond/lake, you will have a rough plan of your ideal pond or lake location.

From there, you may improve your plan further by specifying what environmental impacts it will have, giving consideration to what you want the pond or lake for, the desired areas, and the size of your pond/lake.

Dam Failure Risk Management

Lastly, we urge you that when choosing the correct location for your pond, keep in mind the impact on people, animals, utilities, and infrastructure that it may have in the event that the dam was to fail.

Beware of the consequences it may have to its surroundings if that were to happen ultimately.

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