Perry Angler Paradise: 3-Acre Pond Build in Kansas


We Built an Awesome Angler Paradise: 3-Acre Pond Build in Perry, Kansas

Documentation of this Bulletproof Pond and Lake Project by Bulletproof Pond and Lake

The 🎣 Story of a Dream Pond in Rural Kansas Turned Reality.

Hey there, fellow outdoor enthusiasts! 👋 Are you ready for an exciting adventure? We’ve got an incredible story to share with you—a story of passion, collaboration, and a little touch of Bulletproof pond magic. ✨

This ambitious project all began with a meeting of brilliant minds. Our team of dedicated experts teamed up with an enthusiastic couple from Omaha, Nebraska to transform their vision into a tangible masterpiece. And what a masterpiece it is!

We documented this one and would like to share it with YOU!

The Customers’ Backstory  

Diving into this stunning pond’s details, let’s first talk about the customers’ background story… This couple from Omaha Nebraska had been on the hunt for their forever property, tirelessly searching states and ideal areas for the perfect place to settle down and call their forever home.

They wanted to be close enough to family and envisioned experiencing their ideal secluded rural lifestyle. They had been searching for nearly two years. Finally, their search led them to a property in Perry, Kansas, where they discovered a perfect piece of land… Whoop Whoop!

There was just one thing holding them back from making the final purchase—the ability to have a big, beautiful pond on the property, totally visible from their back porch (there is an existing pond on the property already, though it was not well maintained and could benefit from rehab.)

The couple overall wanted a new fresh, large, pond that is custom designed to allow for this dream of theirs. This was a big deal for them, so much so that closing the deal for the property depended on this factor… That’s exactly where we came in – to turn this dream vision into a reality for them. 🏡🔍🌅

Large Pond Construction ProjectLarge Pond Construction Project

Vision for this Pond Build + Planning & Designing the Pond.

The goal? To create a jaw-dropping 3-acre pond that harmonizes perfectly with the natural landscape, serving as a sustainable oasis for both people and nature.

We conducted a thorough investigation of the property, met with the customers, and together brainstormed the possibilities. Bulletproof Pond and Lake analyzed soil composition through test hole excavations, completed surveying/mapping of the land’s topographical lay, and underwent considerable drafts and reviews. This ensured a durable and reliable pond that was structurally possible and fit their ultimate vision. 📐🌿💦

We considered every detail, meticulously designing a 3D plan blueprint that integrates with the surroundings and their end goal.

Our process involved multiple consultations. This included connecting with city officials and other experts to ensure compliance with permits, regulations, and laws. 🔎

Discoveries & Changes.  

During our soil analysis, we discovered a limestone shelf in one area. This raised concerns about potential water seepage. To overcome this challenge, we designed and built in a peninsula; this structure seamlessly integrated into the pond’s overall design. Ensuring water containment and avoiding seepage issues… It was a stroke of genius that ultimately perfectly fit the vision and usefulness of the pond. 🏝️💦

Additionally, the customers requested to add a simple and convenient boat ramp near this peninsula.

Along the way, we encountered some surprising discoveries during the excavation… Stumbling upon old cars in the ravine that ran through the work site. Unearthing a piece of history that added an unexpected twist to the project. 🚗🔎

Excavation, Developing, and Building the Pond.  

While not showcased in our documentation, certain aspects played vital roles in the project’s success. Before the digging began, we prioritized the installation of a silt fence—an essential erosion control measure. It protected the surrounding areas and maintained the ecological balance during construction, ensuring responsible practices. 🌱🚧

Before the big digging began, we carefully cleared many trees on the site. This included a related project dedicated to enhancing the view directly from the back of the home to the pond. Much of this became more than just vegetation removal. Near the home, many large natural rocks and stones were uncovered. We utilized these for an additional project – to build a beautiful natural rock wall around the home.

Some of the harvested trees throughout all projects on this property found new life as valuable lumber. The customers had the foresight to keep many trees, intending to mill them and utilize the wood for future projects. It’s a testament to their commitment to sustainability and desire to incorporate elements of the property into their daily lives. 🌳🛠️

Large Pond Construction ProjectLarge Pond Construction Project

Large Pond Construction Project

Throughout the excavation of this pond build, we ensured our core trench (the main sealer of the pond) was solid with watertight clay material, along with the overall lining of the entire pond. We constructed areas reaching depths of nearly 25 feet; we deliberately decided not to include fish structures during the construction phase. Instead, we prepared the area, creating a blank canvas for the customers to add fish structures as they please in the future. This allows them to personalize their angling experience and enhance the ecosystem according to their preferences. 🐟 Furthermore, we finished graded topsoil along the entire “outers” of the pond and other disturbed areas to ensure a foundation to prepare for the future seeds planted to grow successfully.

Large Pond Construction Project

End Results!  

Large Pond Construction ProjectLarge Pond Construction Project

Now, let’s talk about what makes this pond truly extraordinary. Picture a convenient boat ramp, a tranquil peninsula, and sections that plunge to an astonishing 25 feet deep—perfect for luring trophy bass and catfish. We even created a direct path from the couple’s home to the pond, providing unparalleled views that will take your breath away. 🛶👀

Angler’s Paradise will offer much more than just fishing. It’s a recreational wonderland, offering endless opportunities for unforgettable moments and cherished memories. Whether kayaking, cruising around on a boat or simply seeking solace in nature, this paradise will exceed your wildest expectations. 🚣‍♀️🌅

📽️🌟 The cherry on top is that we’ve documented nearly every aspect of this extraordinary project, capturing exclusive on-site footage showcasing Angler’s Paradise’s remarkable evolution. It’s a visual spectacle that will captivate your senses and make you believe in the power of dreams becoming reality.

So, grab your favorite fishing hat, embrace your curiosity, and get ready to embark on this exhilarating journey. Join us in discovering the breathtaking Angler’s Paradise and witness how this 3-acre pond transformed dreams into something tangible and inspiring. 🎣

Remember, life is about taking chances and following your dreams. Sometimes, it means collaborating with a team that shares your vision and can bring it to life beyond your imagination. This Midwestern Angler’s Paradise Pond Construction Build in Perry, Kansas, stands as a testament to the power of dedication, craftsmanship, and the profound joy of connecting with nature and creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. 

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