Why is Your Pond or Lake Leaking?

Why is Your Pond or Lake Leaking?

Real Situations & How We Fixed Common Leaks

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Finding & Fixing Leaks For Your Pond or Lake

Published: February 1, 2023. | Bulletproof Landworks LLC ©

We bring you a specific leaking pond project in Missouri – This pond has seepage on the back side of the dam, causing the pond to lower in water level consistently.

With close inspection and excavation to uncover the “root” causes (no pun intended), the leaks’ contributors are visibly evident. Many of these leaks are common causes we often see in ponds and lakes.

Uncovered Leaks – What We Discovered:

  • Topsoil-filled dam
  • Tree roots throughout the pond dam.
  • Along with (a less common cause for leaks,) in this case, gravel material seepage throughout the dam.

Ponds & Lakes are not ‘just’ a hole dug in the ground.

It is an occurrence we see and hear every day; leaks being uncovered over time that ultimately and unfortunately started with a faulty build during the construction of the pond or lake.

Ponds and lakes must be built with a material that water cannot seep through to ensure success and long-term outcomes.

Popular and successful options for building ponds and lakes include; liners, clay material, or sodium bentonite application.

When trees are planted too closely or on top of a pond or lake dam, or, if a pond or lake is not maintained to ensure trees growth is kept away, roots will penetrate through the dam, causing holes and leaks.

Discover What These Look Like! Here’s our link to The YouTube Video of This Project: Find & Fix Leaks by Bulletproof Landworks

So, How Did We Fix It? What Can You Do?

  • Clay Core Trench Installation.
    • Is referred to or known as a “Keyway.”

We removed the center of the dam and a large portion of topsoil and compacted it with a critical water-tight clay material (essentially creating a core trench). We replaced the core (or rather, in this case, where a core did not exist.) With the above being completed, the pond was restored to a condition that rid the leaks.

What’s a Core Trench? Watch our YouTube Video of the Essentials of Core Trenches.

You may avoid many common mistakes before the construction process begins (INCLUDING POTENTIAL FUTURE LEAKS) while intentionally investing in a more successful result, especially in the long term… Watch our YouTube Video on Choosing the Right Spot for Your New Pond or Lake, or read our Blog Post about Choosing the Right Spot for Your New Pond or Lake.

There are several potential reasons why a pond or lake may be leaking. Our goal is to continue sharing information that is useful when planning, building, maintaining or repairing your pond or lake.

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