Randy's Recreational Pond In Perry, KS

Bringing A Dream Retreat To Life

Brief Overview

This project involved a massive makeover and expansion of an existing ⅛ acre abandoned farm pond into a stunning 1-acre, 18-foot deep recreational pond. Our client Randy envisioned this pond as the focal point of his backyard, creating a private retreat for fishing, kayaking, swimming, and relaxation.

Project Key Features



The Challenge

Randy was building his forever home and wanted a pond as the special focal point of his backyard. He also wanted a retreat shed by the pond where he could escape the fast-paced life and relax in his private oasis.

After multiple failed attempts and issues with costs and equipment, Randy enlisted a specialist to ensure the project’s timely completion, budget adherence, and ease of management. Randy was on a tighter budget than our average client, and because of that, this project would require more creative solutions.

The 3-Phase Process

1. Design

Our process began with in-depth phone conversations to understand Randy’s vision and budget. We conducted a site evaluation using LiDAR drone equipment and soil samples to ensure suitable clay for a naturally sealed pond. We then created an AutoCAD plan, revising it several times with Randy to meet his vision, ultimately settling on a 1-acre pond.

2. Build

The buildout process involved bringing in a specialized dozer for wet conditions, removing and piling surrounding trees, and pushing out the pond’s mud. To save costs, we constructed a new dam in front of the old one and installed a proper overflow pipe. We used on-site materials to stay within the budget, and our team efficiently transformed the pond within two weeks.

3. Enjoy

Randy loves the pond and is excited to add his own touches. The transformation has significantly improved the property’s ambiance and provides a perfect recreational and relaxation spot. The pond no longer causes headaches, and Randy is thrilled with the outcome.

The Solution

We provided creative and efficient solutions by understanding Randy’s vision and budget constraints. We used advanced technology for site evaluation, collaborated closely on design revisions, and implemented cost-saving measures during construction. The result is a beautiful, functional pond that exceeds Randy’s expectations.

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Abandoned Farm Pond Becomes A Relaxing Recreational Retreat

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